Moto 4T

Lubricant 100% synthetic motors special competition. Special synthetic 100% lubricant 4T scooter. Synthetic lubricant special 4T scooter. High performance multigrade lubricant.

Moto 2T

Full sysnthetic lubricant for 2 stroke competition motors. The sophisticated dispersing chemical system assures the elimination of residues and a better combustion. Its strong adherence properties assure perfect lubrication of the revolutionized components.

Moto Care

High performance fluid with paraffinic bases for the clutch circuit of motorbikes. It is highly compatible with seals preventing deformation leading to the possibility of leakage.

Moto Gear Box

100 % Synthetic lubricant for racing transmissions and gearboxes with wet clutch. Low ivscosity for maximum lubrication under the most severe use. Specially designed for racing gear boxes. Trials/Cross Country/Cross/Road Racing.


High performance multigrade lubricant. Lubricant for chains chainsaw. Multigrade oil for all types of 4T engines.

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