Light vehicle

Engine oil light vehicle. 100% synthetic oils (petrol and diesel engines). Synthetic oils (petrol and diesel engines). Multigrade oils. Features. Norms. Technical specifications.

Heavy vehicle

Engine oil heavy vehicle. Synthetic oils (petrol and diesel engines). Multigrade oils. Monograde oils. Features. Norms. Norms technical specifications.

Gearbox and transmission

Gearbox and transmission. Transmission, gearbox and differential oils. Automatic transmission and drives. Features. Norms. Technical specifications.

Agriculture and earth movement

Agriculture and earth movement. Multifunctional oils for engine, gearbox, differentials, brakes and hydraulic systems. Gardening. Chainsaw greasing oil. 4-stroke engines mineral oil. 2-stroke engines mineral oil for mix. Technical specifications. Features.

Hydraulic and greases

Hydraulic oils and greases. Lithium greas. Molybdenum disulfide grease. Non toxic grease. Technical specifications. Features. NLGI consistency.


Maintenance products. Cleaning products. Special maintenance products. Special cleaning products. Special maintenance products. Features.


Full organic coolant, specially formulated for closed and open circuits. Has been carefully designed with special additives and organic components, in order to avoid residue and sludge formation using both hard and soft water. Windshield cleaning fluid with antifreeze properties, based on non ionized water and alcohols with detergent components.

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