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TH-TRUCKS and GRO successfully finish Dakar

The TH-Trucks-GRO team, led by Rafa Tibau and Alberto Herrero at the controls of their respective trucks, has successfully completed its participation in the Dakar Rally held entirely in Peru where the dunes, off-track and navigation have been the protagonists.

With this edition, Rafa and Alberto now have 36 participations in the Dakar Rally. This experience has been demonstrated in the management of the toughest rally in the world, where 36 of the 45 teams in trucks have suffered at least one rollover, getting rid of Tibau this trance.

For GRO it has been a challenge and a great satisfaction to see that GRO lubricants for heavy vehicles have overcome the toughest demands that the test demands on the engines, transmissions and other components of the competition trucks.

Beyond pure competition, another of the objectives of the TH-Trucks-GRO team was to support the local community in preventing the effects of UV radiation that the Peruvian desert sun causes on the skin. With the collaboration of a local dermatologist they have provided sunscreen products so that hundreds of Peruvian children with low resources can better protect themselves from solar radiation.

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